Contemporary "Soaring To Sweet Home"
Contemporary "Soaring To Sweet Home"

Contemporary "Soaring To Sweet Home"

PART ONE of "Anticipation"


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A beautiful bird flies high above the jungles and mountains to rejoin its mate after a day of adventure. Soaring over a beautiful pond the bird can only reflect on the wonders of is love and mate to a bright and affectionate feeling. These senses can be felt by the bright glittering sun pouring over the bird as is soars above the lake that even the reflection of himself can't be felt only the pure loving joy that is love.

Width: 39 Height: 30.5 ( Inches )

Additional Information: Original Price in Premium Frame with UV Protective Glass (1 of 2) in collection with "Anticipation" Save 10% with purchase of the single piece. Save 20% with the purchase of both pieces in the series. Fine Art Limited Edition Giclee prints available in a range of sizes for different prices. Please contact for more info.

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